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Florida Association of Veteran-Owned Businesses

Can You Influence Buyers?

09/19/2022 11:03 AM | Stuart Smith (Administrator)

Subj:  Can You Influence Buyers?

Have you ever observed business colleagues and contemporaries moving with ease in any setting and wished that you had a playbook that included some of their secrets?

Do you wonder if you’re trying too hard, or maybe not trying hard enough? How do you know which is it and, more importantly, how do you identify smart ways to exercise influence with greater success and ease, more consistently.

FAVOB Member Gene Moran’s new book, co-authored by Alan Weiss, Million Dollar Influence: How to Drive Powerful Decisions through Language, Leverage, and Leadership, will be released is November 8th, but you can pre-order today. Some special offers apply during presales. See them here.

To celebrate the pre-release of the book, Gene and Alan are offering two live interactive zoom sessions, September 22nd at 11am eastern, and November 2nd at 11am eastern, where we’ll discuss how you can improve your own abilities of influence.

During each zoom session, you’ll get to experience concepts directly from the book with Gene and Alan, where we’ll point out things that are likely right in front of you that could change your abilities of influence. We’ll be discussing things like:

How to get the key meeting with the right decision maker, and then capitalize on it

Examining what may be flawed assumptions in how you approach an organization or counterpart

Bringing other champions into the mix so that your voice is amplified by others

Recognizing when rules can be ignored (or adapted) to achieve the best outcome without extra effort

See you there, you can register for the free zoom sessions here.


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