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Miami-Dade County opens applications for $5M in grants for veteran owned businesses

08/30/2020 11:55 AM | Barron Mills

The CARES Act is providing a significant amount of grant monies to support small businesses around the country. Specifically, many counties have recently set up grants strictly for veteran owned businesses. Miami-Dade County Government is one them and just opened up applications for $5M in available grant funds. To apply, go here The eligibility and application requirements are below. If you are a veteran owned business but not in Miami-Dade, then please check with your the small business office of your county as many counties are rolling out similar grants.

From the application page:

Initial Submission – applicant will be required to upload the following six (6) documents in order to determine eligibility (all documents must be in PDF form).

Eligibility documents should be the most current and valid:

1) 2019 tax return; if 2019 not available, submit 2018

2) 941, RT-6, or signed statement from payroll company of number of employees

3) Local Business Tax Receipt (Miami-Dade County and/ or Municipality)

4) Veteran’s Affairs identification card

5) Department of Defense Form 214.5 (DD214)

6) Executed lease agreement or mortgage statement for establishment

Reimbursable Expense Submission and Funding Setup – if eligible for the program, you will be required to itemize your expenses for each category and upload the supporting documentation. This information will be collected at a later time and you will be notified via email.

- 100% Reimbursable Personal Protective Equipment – PPE purchases and other associated expenses necessary to comply with CDC guidelines or Miami-Dade County COVID-19 safety orders; proof of purchase via a receipt, or paid invoice

- 80% Reimbursable Rent or Mortgage – proof of payment via a receipt, or cancelled check; if behind on payments, a notarized letter from landlord or lender stating how many months behind/default and to include specific dates is required

- 50% Reimbursable Other Expenses – utility bills, licenses, insurance are allowable expenses needed to keep the business operational, and to safely meet local, state, and federal requirements; proof of payment via receipt, paid invoice, or cancelled check

- Vendor establishment to get funded if approved – Applicant must upload a current and completed W-9 and a copy of the IRS Letter 147 C or any other official document from the IRS, State or Federal government that certifies the vendor name and FEIN (tax ID).

After a complete application submission, it will be reviewed and a response will be provided via email of

(1) an approval to include completion and return of the grant agreement and affidavit or

(2) denied and the reason why.

If you encounter submission issues, please send an email to or call (305) 375-3111.


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