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Florida Association of Veteran-Owned Businesses


  • 10/12/2022 3:04 PM | Stuart Smith (Administrator)

    To Benefit:  National Veterans Homeless Support (NVHS)
    Mission: To Eliminate Homelessness Among Veterans in Central Florida. 
    Providing street level outreach, homelessness prevention, and supportive services for homeless, at-risk, and low-income Veterans and their families since 2008.


    Adult $30 (Race Day $35)
    Child (under 17) $25 (Race Day $30)

    5th Annual Homestretch 5k November 13, 2022 in the Eau Gallie Art District

    Military/ Active Vet $25 (Race Day $30)
    Team $25
    Virtual $35

    Sponsorship Levels:
    Gold $1,750
    Logo on back of shirt, acknowledgements on website, social
    media tags and posts, vendor tent, and VIP runners pack
    (4 entries/4 shirts)

    Silver $1,000
    Logo on back of shirt, acknowledgements on website, social
    media tags and posts, vendor tent, 2 race entries and 2 shirts

    Bronze $500
    Logo on back of shirt

    Dog Tag $250
    Knowing you helped a Veteran in need

    Participant Perks:
    – Cool Tech Race Shirt (1st 400 runners)
    – Finisher and Placer Medals

  • 10/03/2022 12:04 PM | Stuart Smith (Administrator)

    Hope all of our FAVOB members and families are safe and sound.  Now on to the business of recovery.  The following information is provided by the FL Dept of Economic Opportunity.  

    Business Damage Assessment Survey
    The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and the Florida Division of Emergency Management have activated the Business Damage Assessment Survey to gather information about how Hurricane Ian is impacting local businesses. This survey will assess and inform recovery resources needed in impacted communities.

    Business Disaster Assistance Resources
    Enterprise Florida has launched a Disaster Assistance Resources Page with a list of state and federal resources available for businesses to utilize in their mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery activities.

    Florida Disaster Fund
    First Lady Casey DeSantis has announced the activation of the Florida Disaster Fund to support Florida’s communities impacted by Hurricane Ian. In partnership with public, private, and other non-governmental organizations, the Florida Disaster Fund supports response and recovery activities. To contribute, please visit or text DISASTER to 20222.

    Private Sector and Tourism Coordination Call
    The Florida State Emergency Response Team (SERT) provides daily conference calls at 1:30 p.m., Eastern Time, for private sector and industry partners.

    • Updates provided by SERT: Meteorology, Fuels, Communications, Transportation, Energy
    • Business & Industry Updates: Supply Chain Issues, Closed Locations and Adjusted Hours, Employee Evacuations, Business Priorities, Concerns and Challenges

    Call-in Information: 

    • Number: 888-585-9008
    • Participant Code: 753 329 128
    Time: 1:30 – 2:30 p.m., ET

  • 10/03/2022 10:46 AM | Stuart Smith (Administrator)

    Join us virtually for a panel discussion on the key elements for laying the foundation to scale your business. Hear from industry experts as they highlight key aspects of growing a successful business including the areas of finance, marketing & legal. Register at

    Business owners, especially solo-preneurs often lack the expertise to take their business to the next level and get stuck in a perpetual cycle of “working in the business and not on the business.” The other common challenge is “growing without knowing.” Growth can be captivating keeping your attention as you enjoy success. However, business owners are often blindsided by not knowing what they don’t know. Blindside events can be painful at best and at worse can derail growth opportunities or even force the closure of a business. Join those who have “been there, done that” as they share their experiences, lessons learned and advice on how to successfully scale up your business.

    Brought to you in collaboration by Florida Association of Veteran-Owned Businesses, Inc. (FAVOB) & Veterans Entrepreneurship Initiative (VEI) through the financial support of Veterans Florida.

    About FAVOB

    FAVOB provides opportunities for veteran owned businesses to THRIVE through business networking, creating growth through supplier diversity and commercial business opportunities and advocating for policy change that enables veteran owned businesses to compete on a level playing field.
    To learn more, please visit

    About VEI

    VEI's mission is to empower and support veteran entrepreneurs through business guidance, education & mentorship through entrepreneurial cohort based training, workshops, coaching/mentoring and special programming. VEI is a Veteran-led 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization.
    To learn more, please visit:

  • 09/27/2022 8:41 AM | Stuart Smith (Administrator)

    So many of our fellow FAVOB members fought hard to bring freedom to Afghan families.  The mission continues to support those in harms way.  

    Please support our FAVOB member Sarah Gal in her efforts.  

    Please join WorldOrlandoZ Asian Vietnamese Kitchen, and TastyChomps for an evening of great food and friends, to support Afghan families in need.

    All proceeds from the dinner will go to WorldOrlando's Afghan IVLP Alumni Emergency Relief Fund. This fund was set up to help IVLP alumni, located both within Afghanistan and in third countries, to cover urgent short-term needs such as food, shelter, medical care, and/or relocation expenses.

    Hien Nguyen, owner of Z Asian Vietnamese Kitchen, was a refugee from Vietnam in the 1970s and has lived in Orlando for over 40 years. Ricky Ly, founder of, is the son of Vietnamese refugees and is also a board member of WorldOrlando. “In a way, this is a small act to give back to those in need and seeking refuge from the tragedies of war.”

    Since 1963, WorldOrlando, a 501c3 nonprofit, has served as the local implementer of the U.S. Dept. of State's premier professional exchange program, the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP). 

    WorldOrlando hosted numerous IVLP participants from Afghanistan over the years whom we've stayed in contact with and are committed to supporting during this current humanitarian crisis. Your support addresses the urgent needs of these IVLP alumni and their families, who are at risk due to their previous involvement in U.S.-funded activities. 

  • 09/19/2022 11:03 AM | Stuart Smith (Administrator)

    Subj:  Can You Influence Buyers?

    Have you ever observed business colleagues and contemporaries moving with ease in any setting and wished that you had a playbook that included some of their secrets?

    Do you wonder if you’re trying too hard, or maybe not trying hard enough? How do you know which is it and, more importantly, how do you identify smart ways to exercise influence with greater success and ease, more consistently.

    FAVOB Member Gene Moran’s new book, co-authored by Alan Weiss, Million Dollar Influence: How to Drive Powerful Decisions through Language, Leverage, and Leadership, will be released is November 8th, but you can pre-order today. Some special offers apply during presales. See them here.

    To celebrate the pre-release of the book, Gene and Alan are offering two live interactive zoom sessions, September 22nd at 11am eastern, and November 2nd at 11am eastern, where we’ll discuss how you can improve your own abilities of influence.

    During each zoom session, you’ll get to experience concepts directly from the book with Gene and Alan, where we’ll point out things that are likely right in front of you that could change your abilities of influence. We’ll be discussing things like:

    How to get the key meeting with the right decision maker, and then capitalize on it

    Examining what may be flawed assumptions in how you approach an organization or counterpart

    Bringing other champions into the mix so that your voice is amplified by others

    Recognizing when rules can be ignored (or adapted) to achieve the best outcome without extra effort

    See you there, you can register for the free zoom sessions here.

  • 08/29/2022 4:10 PM | Stuart Smith (Administrator)

    Wednesday, August 31st at 1100 ON-LINE 

    The Federal Government spent $ 20.6 billion on Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB) contracts in 2018. This class provides an overview of the SDVOSB Federal Contracting Program as well as Veteran Owned Small Business eligibility requirements.

    The government limits competition for certain contracts to businesses that participate in the SDVOSB program. Joining the disabled veterans’ business program makes your business eligible to compete for the program’s set-aside contracts. You can still compete for contract awards under other socio-economic programs you qualify for.

    This training session will also include an overview of the Veteran's Administration (VA) Programs and certification processes. 

    Register here -

  • 07/28/2022 3:15 PM | Stuart Smith (Administrator)

    SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM’s Directorate of Science and Technology (S&T), will host the eleventh Innovation Foundry (IF11) Event, where S&T Futures seeks to bring together U.S. and International Special Operations Forces (SOF), Industry, Academia, Government, and futurists in an exploration, design thinking, facilitated event to assist USSOCOM in decomposing future scenarios and missions.

    The theme of IF11 will be “SOF Operations in a World of Omnipresent Sensor Networks.” The goal of the event is to develop concepts and approaches for the framework, technologies, infrastructure, and capabilities required to effectively conduct SOF operations in a world where omnipresent sensors track people, organizations, vehicles, and systems throughout their lives, at home and around the world in both the physical and virtual realms. In this effort, S&T Futures will be working with international S&T liaisons, USSOCOM staff, the USSOCOM Next-Generation Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Tactically Relevant Situational Awareness (NGISR/SA) Capability Focus Area (CFA), and Joint Staff Intelligence (J2).

    To ground the discussion, IF11 participants will use a fictional mission scenario that reflects the future operating environment with omnipresent sensor networks that are part of the civilian infrastructure. This scenario will also consider the potential for additional sensor networks emplaced by military and intelligence organizations who may be friendly, neutral, or adversaries. Participants will emphasize the opportunities and challenges related to these sensor networks and their resultant information products, reflecting the complex interplays of social, technological, political, and cultural factors as they might play out in the 2035 timeframe.

    Why You Should Participate
    The event will be a compelling opportunity for leading minds in Industry, Academia, Labs, and Government, as well as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in sensor design and development, Radio Frequency (RF) technologies, Low Probability of Intercept/Low Probability of Detection (LPI/LPD) solutions, data analysis, data visualization, communications technologies, networking, autonomous systems, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, situational awareness, social and behavioral sciences, and SOF Operations to ideate, collaborate, and develop concepts for the future needs of SOF. USSOCOM has also used Innovation Foundries to build key relationships with local and regional entrepreneurs and technology developers.

    Problem Statement
    How do we move from traditional ISR platforms and sensors to future state-of-the-art methods to understand and conduct operations in this future environment, considering both offensive and defensive perspectives? How can we collect, analyze, and disseminate data, as well as effectively use the resulting product(s) to operate in a contested/constrained environment?

    IF11 participants will develop concepts for future SOF missions, addressing situational awareness and signature management, as well as related questions including maneuverability, operations, effects, and countermeasures in a world of omnipresent sensors.

    “The scenarios were sophisticated and intentionally difficult in order to drive new and creative approaches to the problem sets.” — RDML Rodriguez (NSWC Deputy), IF3

    Event Timeline
    Phase 1 – 19 July 2022 to 12 August 2022 Submissions Open: Sensor design and development, RF technologies, LPI/LPD solutions, data analysis, data visualization, communications technologies, networking, autonomous systems, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, situational awareness, social and behavioral sciences, and SOF Operations SMEs, futurists and visionaries from Industry, Academia, and National Labs are encouraged to participate in the IF11 Event by submitting a CV (Curriculum Vitae) below NLT 12 August.

    Phase 2 – 15 August 2022 to 19 August 2022 SME Review: The S&T Directorate Future’s Team will review SME submissions and notify SOFWERX of invited participants. SOFWERX will notify participants of their attendance status o/a 22 August. 

    Phase 3 – 27 September 2022 to 29 September 2022 Innovation Foundry 11 Event: During the event, selected participants will collaborate and ideate with fellow SMEs, the S&T Directorate Future’s Team, and U.S. and International SOF Operators on the concept areas above. Selectees should plan for workdays from 0800-1700 ET.

    This event will be held in person at SOFWERX. 

    Phase 4 – Path Forward: Successfully negotiated awards may fall under any combination of these categories:

    • Business to business research and development agreement as a sub-award through the SOFWERX Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) (15 U.S. Code Section 3715)
    • OTA for research or prototype projects (10 U.S. Code Sections 4021, 4022)
      • An award under 10 U. S. Code, Section 4022 may result in the further award of a follow-on production agreement without additional competition based on successful prototype completion. The Government may make this follow-on production award even if all successful prototype criteria are not fully met during the prototype project.
    • Procurement for experimental purposes (10 U.S. Code Section 4023)
    • Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (15 U.S. Code Section 3710a)
    • Prizes for advanced technology achievements (10 U. S. Code Section 4025) and/or prize competitions (15 U.S. Code 3719)
    • FAR-based procurement contract 
    • Awardees may need to be compliant with NIST SP 800-171, Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) in Non-Federal Systems and Organizations

    How You Can Participate
    Industry, Academia, Government, and National Labs SME Participants

    Government Observers

    • If you are interested in virtually attending the opening (27 September) and closing briefs (29 September), please request to attend: Click Here to Request to Attend (NLT 24 August)  

    For event-related questions, please contact Gabby Robles,

  • 07/12/2022 9:26 AM | Pete Blum (Administrator)

    Excellent topic for business owners to watch live today!

    Join US Navy Veteran Michael Costanza in a live streamed interview as he talks about transitioning out of the military into business and how he learned Agile project management to advance his career and succeed in business. Michael will share some of the challenges he overcame, opportunities that can help others in transition, along with guidance for other Veterans to streamline their success in business when they are departing from service.

    Michael will be sharing these insights in a live interview at The Agile Heroes Summit on 7/12/22 at 1:30pm Eastern.

    Reserve your free seat to join live ->

  • 06/22/2022 12:54 PM | Stuart Smith (Administrator)

    CMMC 2.0:

    Understanding OSC and MSP Compliance

    July 28, 2022 from12 PM to 4 PM EST

    This is an in person NO COST seminar being held in Cocoa at the EFSC, Bldg. 3 Room 103

    Registration is required.

    This will be the fourth in our series of Expert Speaker Series events focused on the topic of cybersecurity for government contractors. This session will focus on providing some framework and tools for OSC (Organizations Seeking Certification) to understand their compliance requirements and what they should expect from MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and other support resources. Panel members are scheduled to include:

    • Matt Titcombe: CEO, CMMC Provisional Assessor, C3PAO Peak Infosec. Matt served on the CMMC Accreditation Body’s Standards Management Committee Industry Working Group.
    • Fernando Machado: Managing Principal, CISO and CMMC Provisional Assessor, Candidate C3PAO Cybersec Investments. Fernando also served on the CMMC Accreditation Body’s Standards Management Committee Industry Working Group.
    • Charlie Tupitza: Director of Channel Partnerships at FutureFeed. Charlie was a charter member of two working groups of the Presidential Policy Directive 21 for Cybersecurity.

    This seminar will not be repeated this year, so don’t miss this unique opportunity to expand your understanding of CMMC 2.0.

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